Downton Abbey 6.3


Last night’s episode gave several characters a chance to shine. Each of them came out of their shells and made you realize that they might just be able to handle all the changes that are going on.

Edith (Laura Carmichael) finally put her foot down with her editor. The man stormed out leaving her to put together the magazine in 9 hours. She took charge of the situation and with help she got it done. She received help from an unexpected person. As she was walking back to the office she was met by Bertie Pelham. She met him at Downton the year before and he asks if she’ll have drinks with him. When she shows up and explains that she can’t stay for a drink he joins her back at the magazine and they get everything done in time for the copy to go to printing. I liked that Edith is finally showing some backbone. She needs to get out from under Mary’s shadow.

Daisy (Sophie McShera) is also trying to make a go of new thigs. She is sitting for exams and hopefully she will pass and more doors will be open to her. Problem with Daisy is she doesn’t always think things through. She believes that Lady Grantham (Elizabeth McGovern) will give the old Drew’s tenancy to her father in law. We’ll have to wait to see what happens there.

Poor Thomas (Rob James – Collier) believes he is going to be fired since there has been rumors going around that the staff will be reduced. He has been looking for a job but it hasn’t been easy. The way of life of the English nobility is dying. They have been showing this decline for the past few episodes. It comes to a crash when Thomas goes for an interview at a prominent house only time find out that the only person living there is the aging owner. As he escorts Tom through empties rooms they finally come to a room that has clothes drying in front of the fire place and newspapers all around. There is no one left to take care of the house and there is only one other servant. Tom realizes this isn’t the job for him and returns to Downton.

The long awaited Carson-Hughes wedding finally took place. Things were getting a bit tense with Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan) not wanting the reception at the house. Things were finally resolved and the reception was at the school with all the trimmings. The wedding was a simple affair with most of the village and everyone from the house in attendance. Everything was beautiful and Mr. Carson (Jim Carter) gave a lovely speech to his new wife. While everyone was watching the toasting of the bride a special someone walked in the door. Tom Branson (Allen Leech) returned to Downton. He realized he went all the way to Boston all to miss Downton.

I’m glad Tom is back for the final season. I’m also glad everyone seems to be getting want they want. The only thing that has me worried is that small scene where Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) said he had a bit of indigestion


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