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The Hunger

The Governor is really not a nice guy. He has decided to make a profit on the hunger of the citizens of Paris. With the help of Grimaud and the ill luck of a noble who owes him money they steal over a thousand bushels of grain that were to be used to feed the people of Paris. They are trying to get the king to pay a higher price for the grain. In the meantime someone needs to be blamed for the theft. The blame is placed on the refugees who have fled the war and moved to Paris.

D’Artagnan (Luke Pasquilino) and Constance (Tamla Kari) are out buying goods for the garrison when the theft of the grain is discovered.  The citizens of Paris are riled and blame the refugees. A mob forms and they try to storm where the refugees are living. D’Artagnan won’t let this happen and has the cadets form a line to keep back the mob. Constance sends one of the off to get the other musketeers.

Back at the garrison Athos (Tom Burke) and Porthos (Howard Charles) are putting Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) through a pretty tough work out. They are both fighting him to see if he became rusty while a monk for four years. Aramis holds his own against the two men when the cadet runs in to tell them what is going on. The three gear up and are off to help d’Artagnan. They arrive to find he Red Guard already there and arresting the refugees, including d’Artagnan for helping. They aren’t happy about their companion being arrested but they leave that in the hands of Minister Treville (Hugo Spears). They search the area where the refugees are living but find no evidence of the grain. They do find a young lady, Sylvie, whose father has been arrested by the Red Guard. Athos also finds pamphlets that could cause trouble for the refugees.

Later one of the cadets comes across someone selling grain in the market. HE tells Aramis and Porthos who go to investigate. They need to know where the grain came from so they play a little game, good musketeer/crazy musketeer. Aramis rushes towards the man acting really mad. Porthos warns Aramis “no broken legs”. Porthos tells the seller if he gives them the information they want he’ll keep Aramis away. The seller gives in and they find out he bought the sack of grain off a wagon on the road with a black star. Aramis and Porthos track down the owner of the wagons but he has no information for them. The pair notice the wheels are coated in lime dust. There’s only one area it can from and Porthos goes to investigate. He finds the wagons and all the grain. He confronts the men guarding the grain and a fight breaks out. Porthos easily wins the confrontation.

Feron tries to get the courts to set the execution of the prisoners for the next day at dawn. Minister Treville says there is no evidence against the refugees. The head cleric tells Feron without evidence there will be no hangings. Feron tells him he will get evidence.  Later that evening a member of the refugee group, Leon, returns to where they have been living and plants empty bags of grain in the compound. Athos returns to the refugee compound, with Sylvie, to retrieve the rest of the pamphlets. Sylvie notices the grain sacks and shows them to Athos. They both know those weren’t there early. The pair notice the Red Guard coming to search the compound. Athos knows they have to get the evidence away. Sylvie takes them to a back entrance but she’s surprised to see that the red guard are already there. A fight ensues and Athos is impressed by Sylvie’s fighting skills. They return to the garrison to find Aramis and the newly released d’Artagnan waiting. They explain what they have found and the four go to confront the Red Guard. Athos cuffs Sylvie and leaves her with Aramis. Aramis is quickly taken by her charms as she kisses him, stealing the keys and his gun. Sylvie confronts Marchaux, the captain of the Red Guard, about the death of her father. Athos tries reasoning with her to not kill him when Leon enters. Sylvie is confused and angry when she find out Leon was a Red Guard spy that infiltrated their group. Marchaux kills him, laying all the blame for the conspiracy on Leon. Athos leaves with Sylvie while d’Artagnan has words with Marchaux. Marchaux stupidly insults Constance and Aramis physically has to restrain d’Artagnan from kill the Red Guard captain.


After all the prisoners are freed the Musketeers return to the compound to check on the refugees. Sylvie stops Athos pulling him into a passionate kiss. She pulls away telling his he knows where to find her. The other musketeers are waiting for him, teasing him as he gets closer.

A small scene plays out during all of this intrigue between Anne and Louis. Anne finds Louis in the nursery with the Dauphin. She tries to kiss her son but he wants no part of her, returning to his father. Louis remarks that the musketeers are back including Aramis. Anne is shocked and leaves the nursery. Louis is still suspicious about their affair even though they were both cleared.

Grimaud is not happy with the musketeers. He lost a lot of money on this deal. He’s angry but Feron barely reins him in. Grimaud shows up at the compound to thank the musketeers for their help. Aramis comments on the Andalusian horse Grimaud is riding. Early Porthos noticed the horse in the mill with the grain. Grimaud seems familiar to Athos but he can’t place him.

The Hunger had all the right ingredients for an exciting episode. Intrigue, greed, and just enough comedic pieces to keep it from getting too dark. This Paris is certainly a different one then the Musketeers left. It should be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out.

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