My 90s Crushes – Brendan Fraser

Recently I read a very moving interview with Brendan Fraser on It made me feel all nostalgic and reminded me of all the celebrity crushes I had as a teenager.

So I decided to write a list of all those crushes, describing what made me crush on them, and the result is this series of posts reminiscing about the celebs and their movies or music.

Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser

Since the actor/crush that started this whole thing and sent me down the nostalgic rabbit hole is Brendan Fraser, it only makes sense to start with him.

The very first movie I ever saw, starring Brendan Fraser, was School Ties from 1992, and back then I only bought it on VHS because it also starred another of my crushes, but I’ll get back to him later.

School Ties takes place in the 1950s and is about a star-quarterback who is given the chance to attend a very elite prep school. However, he must hide the fact that he is Jewish.

Check out the trailer (and notice a few other familiar faces:

It’s a really good movie and it is full of young actors that would become a lot more familiar to us all later on. If you want to check it out, get from amazon here:

Brendan Fraser in School Ties

I remember thinking that Brendan was cute and a talented actor, even at the tender age of 12 or 13, but it wasn’t until 1997, when a little comedy gem called George of the Jungle came out, that my crush became full-blown. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, get to it! If not for the yumminess of Brendan Fraser in nothing but a loin cloth:

Brendan Fraser as George of the Jungle

Then for the pure comedic genius that is this movie. Check out the trailer here:

Now I know it looks silly, and it is silly, but it is also hilarious and to this day it still one of my favorite comedies.

The thing about Brendan Fraser in this movie is, and this is true to this day, I have a serious weakness for men who are not afraid to look goofy and not take themselves too seriously. Brendan Fraser is the epitome of that type of man in this movie. Aldo he look frigging good in that loin cloth!

If you want to laugh, then drool, then laugh some more, you can get the movie here:

Brendan Fraser as George of the Jungle

Now cut to 1999 and the first movie in the “Mummy” series is released. My crush on Brendan was completely and totally solidified. This movie hits all of my weak spots. It has romance, adventure, comedy and horror, plus a ridiculously charming and sexy leading man.

Brendan Fraser in The Mummy

And to top it all off, the historical setting sets my history geek heart all a-flutter! The Mummy, like George of the Jungle, is an absolute must-see Brendan Fraser movie. Check out the trailer here:

So by 2000 Brendan Fraser was a bonafide, A-list leading man, and he starred in two more movies in the “Mummy” series.  The Mummy Returns from 2001 and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in 2008. There were of course some other movies scattered in between, such as Crash and Bedazzled, and a guest spot on Scrubs, but those “The Mummy” movies will always have a special place in my heart.

You can get the entire trilogy here:

Brendan Fraser seemed to almost disappear after finishing the trilogy, and for years people have asked the question “Whatever happened to Brendan Fraser”. The answer to that can be founf in the aforementioned GQ article, but it seems he is finally ready to get back in the swing of things, although maybe not as a leasing man, but more as a character actor. He stars in 3 projects which are in post-production, Trust, The Field and Behind the Curtain of Night. I, for one, wish him all the best, and I can’t wait to see him back on my screen!

Did you also have a major crush on Brendan Fraser back in the day? Or did you crush on someone else when you were a teenager? Let me know in the comments who you crushes were!

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