Matt Cohen Tells The Airplane Story

This past weekend I was at JIB10 in Rome, and managed to capture Matt Cohen on stage telling the legendary airplane story. He had a little help from Alexander Calvert.

This story is hilarious, and so was the way Matt and Alex told it.

The airplane story is something we’ve heard about in the supernatural fandom for years, but this is the first time I’ve heard and seen it told/ acted live.

I’m not even sure I’ve heard the story told in it’s entirety before. Just snippets, and if I remember correctly the story I’ve heard was told by Misha Collins several years ago. So getting Matt Cohen’s take on the whole airplane debacle was amazing. And somehow Matt got poor Alexander Calvert roped into playing several rolls in the telling of the airplane story. I’m not sure Alex knew what he was in for.

It was definitely one of the highlights of the Sunday Panels. And I apologize for the shaky video, but I was laughing so much!

It also made me want to see the Supernatural cast do some improv comedy, because I’m sure they would kill it! And I kind of want to see this airplane story told by every single cast member who was on the plane. I’m sure there are several other hilarious versions of this story to be told.

Have you heard other versions of the airplane story or is Matt Cohen’s telling of the story the only version we need?

Check out our interview with Matt Cohen here

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