Interview: Amy Gumenick – The All American Girl

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed to be able to sit down with actress Amy Gumenick, and I can not express how much I love this woman! Amy, not only is one of the most beautiful actresses on television, she is the kindest, nicest, most humble and grateful woman I have ever had the opportunity to interview in my entire career. Amy was so gracious to phone in, and spend her Friday evening with me. It was so refreshing to hear her answer your questions with ease. 

A few fun facts about Amy: 

  • Her uncle and part of her family are, from the Midwest, Chicago to be exact, and they own Eli’s Cheesecake! Eli’s is one of our Chicago LEGENDS! Amy loves Chicago, and loves to come visit during the holidays.
  • Amy’s first Convention was in England last year, and she loved it! She said that it “far surpassed anything that I imagined”
  • Amy just got done appearing in No ordinary family! That aired on October 26th on ABC.
Amy Gumenick

There have been some rumors flying around that, possibly with the return of the Campbell’s, young Mary could be back at some time this season “I’m crossing my fingers that there is an opportunity for young Mary to reunite with the Campbell’s this season. Hopefully, I’ll be back! I’m ready!” Amy teased us with some possibilities that her future holds. 

Now onto the questions. We asked our readers to write in and tell us your questions for Amy. 

Kelly wrote in and asked; What was it like to work with Jared, Jensen, and Matt? 

Good question! It was wonderful! Jared and Jensen are two, of the most welcoming, giving people I have ever met and had the opportunity to work with. As soon as I walked on the set I felt welcome, and apart of the family. Matt and I had a great time. We had never met before, and then you are kinda thrown into it, and all of a sudden you are married to someone you have never met… but it was great. The three of them are a stand up comedy show, you couldn’t stop laughing! We would be trying to film a scene and someone would be cracking a joke, so the struggle was not to laugh. It really was a pleasure to work with all of them. Matt is such a charmer… he’s great! we got to goto a fan convention together and we had a great time. 

Out of all the television shows you have worked on, which was your favorite to film? 

This is a hard one for me. In all honestly, I have been really fortunate to work on some amazing shows, and there are aspects from each job that I’ve had that I can argue is my favorite for different reasons, but honestly supernatural was the first big job that I got. So that’s special to me for many reasons, and it has its own special place in my heart. It was really positive impact on me. Supernatural’s cast and crew has a lot to do with that, but that was a great experience for me 

What tv shows do you like to watch? 

Oooh this changes a lot, but right now its Breaking Bad, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, The Food Network, Modern Family, No Ordinary Family (because it’s new and I wanted to see what this is all about.) It’s rare to get to escape and watch Tv for pleasure, and not for work, so usually I’m watching for work purposes… But these are my staples. 


Yes I have three dogs!!  Atticus is a Shepard/lab mix he’s 12. Then theres Lydian he’s a Rottweiler. And Gidget he’s a Cocker spaniel. I grew up with a lot of pets, almost like a farm type atmosphere, so dogs are the most normal thing for me. (laughs) 

Amy Gumenick

When you’re not working, what are your hobbies? 

I teach dance and theater! I love it I feel like its such a gift to watch the kids become little people. It’s nice to see them have something that they are proud of. It’s inspiring to do… I had an acting class yesterday, and they were only about 9 to 12 years old, it’s so amazing they have no fear! They want to learn and have so much ambition, it’s just amazing to be apart of their lives. 

Are there any causes that are important to you? 

YES! The arts have such a power to heal, and inspire! So, as someone in the public eye, I think that I have the responsibility to make a positive difference. Currently I’m working actively in trying to get the arts back into schools. We know the first thing that is cut from schools are the arts, and those after school programs. Those programs, I think, are really what the kids need in their lives to give them a good positive creative outlet. 

If you are interested in helping Amy’s cause please let me know and I will get some information on how you can get involved in your community. 

Amy Gumenick as Mary Winchester on Supernatural
Amy Gumenick as Mary Winchester on Supernatural

Sean asked; Do you see yourself coming back to Supernatural anytime soon? Have you, and the show discussed anything on that front as of lately? 

I hope so, I had the opportunity to see Mitch Pileggi (Grandpa Campbell) at the season 6 party, and we talked a little. The only thing that I know of as this moment is that they used a picture of me in an upcoming episode. But with a great show like Supernatural they have left it open for really anyone to come back. So, let’s hope they have another back in time episode.  

Cliff asked; What do you look for in a guy? 

Someone who’s trustworthy, honest, and fun. Someone who makes me laugh, and is always supportive of my life and who I am. I think it’s someone who is, or could be, my best friend. From a Supernatural standpoint someone not to far off from John Winchester. (laughs) 

Viviane asked; How do you prepare for the emotional scenes, (especially in Supernatural)? 

What good questions! That varies from project to project, but for Supernatural I wrote a journal as Mary. When I was not on set or not needed I would write in Mary’s journal to create this back story for her, and that’s really the important thing for me is a back story of a character. My script has writing everywhere! I would also take a minute before we shot so I could kinda put myself in her world. Working with Jensen and Jared really helped. They made it a lot easier 

What are your interests/passions? 

Dance, I grew up in musical theater. I love teaching… especially teens. I think that they are really misunderstood and need a little more guidance. 

What was the most memorable experience on set so far? 

Getting to do my own stunts has been the most different memorable experience. Supernatural was the first, and because of that it’s opened the doors to other productions to let me do the same. I’m not really seen as fighting type so it’s really neat to work on that. It was an accomplishment for me. 

Amy Gumenick and Jensen Ackles on Supernatural
Amy Gumenick and Jensen Ackles on Supernatural

Rebecca wrote in to tell us; I have a presentation soon for University and am very nervous…  How do you cope with nerves on set/stage? Do you even get nervous? 

It depends on whats going on, but definitely, I get nervous. In fact, I get nervous if I’m not nervous! The first day on set is a lot like being on the first day of school, but I like to be nervous! I think the energy that it sets off is actually helpful… so, embrace it! Its going to happen anyway so use it. Use that feeling, and work it to help you. My advice; just be prepared. Always be ready and prepared for what you are working for, and the nervousness will not hinder you. 

Rustam had a couple of good ones for us as well; What role do you consider a landmark in your acting career? 

Well… I’m still kinda starting out so Supernatural, being my first big role, had a huge impact professionally and personally. Doing the 100th episode of Grey’s Anatomy was really special too. Working on Natalee Holloway was special as well, working on that project was really neat. I’m relatively new to this whole world so I hope that I haven’t hit that yet. 

What was the most difficult part of your role as young Mary Winchester in “Supernatural”? 

Initially it was filling Samantha Smith’s shoes. Playing a character that is already loved and welcomed is a little intimidating at first. And Samantha did such an amazing job, so it was a lot to think about. Was I going to be able to fill these shoes? It was a challenge and a blessing at the same time. 

What was most memorable to you from your work on “Supernatural”? 

The loyalty of the fans is mind-blowing, and awesome. I’m so grateful for the fans, and all the hard work that they put into loving the show and the dedication. I’m so amazed there are no words of how grateful I am. That is definitely something that I will never forget.  

Donna wants to know; Amy, where are your ancestors from? 

My Dad is Russian, and my Mom is Polish. I’ve never had the chance to go visit either place, but I would love to go. 

Terry says; I love the Armstrong commercial where you played a princess. How many frogs were used in the commercial 

Lots of frogs (laughs) half were real and half were very detailed toy frogs. It was funny because I was assuming that they were all going to be computer animated, so when I got there I was not expecting the frog wrangler to drop off these barrels of juicy frogs! It was hysterical! 

Amy Gumenick and Matt Cohen as John and Mary Winchester on Supernatural
Amy Gumenick and Matt Cohen as John and Mary Winchester on Supernatural

Camila asked; Brazil loves you! How did you feel when you were invited to act on Supernatural? 

Honestly it was a little bittersweet because I was so happy, but at the same time I was two weeks away from opening a theatrical project in LA. So, I had to drop out of the project… it was saddening but it was amazing at the same time. I never dropped out of anything before so it was a little heart wrenching, but in the end it’s a happy ending because Supernatural was so amazing.

what are your favorite actors? 

I have lots! Off the top of my head Meryl Streep is my idol. Sean Penn, Leonardo DiCaprio is great! Kate Winslet 

 How did you start acting career? 

When I was five my brother was in a High school production of Chicago. I went to see him every night and memorized it, after closing night I went to my parents and told them that I wanted to be Roxy heart. 10 years later we saw a local theater company was doing a casting so I went down, and I got cast as Roxy, so that was a full circle moment for me. Growing up in California my parents were really supportive, but they really wanted me to go to school and “lead a normal life” then after that if I still wanted to act they would support it. My family is amazing and so supportive, I am really blessed. 

What are your favorites singers? And music? What’s on your iPod? 

I have to admit im a sucker for Oldies, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, New age stuff… I think Jack Johnson, or Ingrid Michelson. I love musicals… really it depends on my mood, if I wanna dance I’ll throw on some Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake 

Martin admitted his love for you while asking these questions;  If you could be any character who would you be and why? 

(Laughs) My dream role is Marilyn Monroe. I think that the old hollywood actresses are amazing. If I could do a story of their lives I would love to explore Marilyn’s life. She was such an icon, and she had a huge impact on a womans role in Hollywood. I think that it’s underrepresented so it would be really cool to get that out there. 

Lydia wants to know; Did you have any special training for the fighting scene with Julie (‘Anna’) in ‘The Song Remains The Same’? what was that like? 

Julie and I became good friends after that episode! Before we shot we met with a fight choreographer, and he helped us get the fight together. I also had a replica made of the knife that I used in the episode. That went with me everywhere… so whenever I wasnt filming I was playing with my fake knife. (laughs) It was nice that Supernatural let us do our own fight scenes! 

Sofie really wants to see you at a convention would you be up to coming to one? 

I would love to go! Absolutely! I went to one last year and it was amazing! It was so surreal, the whole experience was just unbelievable. It would be an honor. 

AND want to know what’s in your make up bag? Any favorite products? 

I usually ask my make up artist this question so I would love to hear your answers Michelle! But I  love lip gloss! I love O-gloss by Smashbox, and there’s tinted lip balm by M.A.C that I love! I have a lot in my makeup bags mostly for auditions, but I have  couple secrets! Lancome and Almay make some great cover ups/concealer. 

What’s your biggest fear? 

Well I have two I guess. My irrational fear is- I’m terrified of spiders. 

And more serious would be anything happening to one of my parents. I’m really close with my family so it would be scary. Anything happening in a negative way to anyone in my family is just terrifying. 

How hard is it to have a normal “love life” or normal relationship under the media scope? 

Right now it’s not too hard because I’m not in the public eye as much as others. But the more fame that you get the more it becomes a challenge. It kinda comes along with the job, but a lot is really a choice. I think that you can live a normal life, and have a healthy relationship, it may be a challenge but it is a choice. I think that since you are in the public eye you are going to do the right thing, and try to keep some of your life private. It’s about respecting yourself and your family. There’s so many great actors that you never hear about in the tabloids so it’s all about choices. 


What is your guilty pleasure   

I love chocolate. Dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you right? (laughs) 

Amy really is an amazing inspirational woman. She’s a fantastic role-model for any young woman out there. I hope that someday I can be half the woman that she is. Thank you, Amy, for being you, and begin so special! Keep up the good work- we look forward to seeing you in new, fantastic, successful projects in the future. Stay tuned for more Amy news right here on Affair’s Magazine! 

This interview was originally posted to on Nov. 15th, 2010.

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