Matt Cohen: The Jack of all Trades

Devoted, the best word to describe the Supernatural fan base… When we found out that we were going to interview Matt Cohen it was a plethora of devotion from the first email to the last. The fans love him, but not as much as he loves them.

Matt Cohen will be the first one in line to meet his fans and give out a warm hug…. Maybe that’s why the Supernatural fandom loves and accepts the daring young “John Winchester” to father their beloved brother duo. He was gracious and appreciative of the entire interview, he loves and adores his fans. He is so grateful that they are supportive of him and his work, he couldn’t express that enough through his interview questions. A very busy Matt sat down with us to answer YOUR questions, and here is what he had to say!

AM: Anything that you are working on right now? Something to keep our eyes out for?

M: There’s a couple of things I’ve been working on.. keeping busy so that’s good! Cowgirl up ( ) is a web series ( it’s an all girl western comedy )that I was working on. I had a small cameo in it, ( the fans will be either appalled by my small part or impressed ) I also helped produce it/second unit direct. So watch for that it’s launching sometime in January. Then there’s Playboy New york ( a fragrance ad) that’s also set to launch in the states around January. Also look out for Chain Letter that will be out on Blu-ray Feb. 1st.

AM: Would you ever do a reality Tv show? If so which one? Dancing with the Stars maybe?

M: Honestly, no definitely would not do a reality Tv show. Maybe I wouldn’t mind looking into producing one, the creative possibilities are endless in the reality world. I can’t dance, and I can’t sing so I really don’t have many skills to be on reality tv (laughs). So, no Dancing with the Stars for me that’s for sure.

AM: What was the funniest part of working with Jared and Jensen? Any stories?

M: Yeah, I mean, it’s always a good time with those guys! Everything is a prank around set. They’ve been with that crew for 5 or 6 years now everything is really comfortable on set, so, as soon as they yell cut Jensen is goofing around yelling at someone… Jared’s making fun of somebody. Everyone is complete pranksters, the crew is superlight hearted so when the cameras are off it’s always a lot of fun. As soon as they yell action everyone gets their serious face on again.

AM: Has there been any talk of you returning to Supernatural? Soon?

M: There has been talk, nothing official yet… nothing concrete, but I’ve heard some talk going around. I do know the writers and creators have discussed bringing young John back, so you never know. Just like the last episode that I came back in… it’s a last second thing. They brought me up there, and we shot an amazing episode. I wouldn’t rule it out. you never know!

AM: Your best/worst experience on (any) set?

M: Best would be working on South of nowhere where I was fortunate enough to meet my fiance… that’s the best experience. And my worst… I don’t think there is one! There really is no such thing in my line of work. I get to go and pretend to be someone else, it’s a fantasy… there is no such thing as a bad day at work for me.

AM: Any Pranks on the Supernatural set?

M: The guys didn’t play a lot of pranks on me, maybe Jensen was afraid my biceps were a little bigger than his so- No I’m just kidding (laughs) we know each other well enough, but we aren’t “best friends” so maybe they thought it would make me uncomfortable to do something like that? They are pretty professional guys on set. I’m sure there will be pranks later at some point and time.

AM: What was your best Con experience? Are there any fans that stand out to you?

M: Are you kidding me? They are all fantastic! Every Supernatural fan is different and stand out in their own way. I’ve karaoked with them, I’ve danced with them.. they are all fantastic. Every Con I go to I feel like I’m gaining 2000 more friends. Every Con is equal to the next con, and better and better every time. I love it! If Supernatural fans want me they’ll get me that is how I see it.

Matt will be attending a couple of fan conventions this year. Tentatively he’s signed up to Barcelona, and Brazil, and currently negotiating some state-side cons. So stay tuned for that in 2011.

AM: Funniest/weirdest fan experience?

M: I had a fan teach me how to do the ‘Jerk’ on stage at Chicago’s Salute to Supernatural Fan Convention. At another convention I got ICEd by a fan. That’s where someone surprises you with a Smirnoff ICE… basically you have to get down onto one knee and drink it all right there.

AM: Have you ever been a fan of someone/something? Can you relate to your fans?

M: I often try to tell the fans how unreal it is to even have a fan. I’m a fan of the fans! They leave me starstruck. When a fan looks me in the eye and says “Hey I love what you do” I’m the one that gets beat red, and palms start to sweat. It’s surreal to me that they love and support me so much.

AM: What are your fave Holiday traditions?

M: Eating, eating, and more eating! That’s pretty much all I do during the Holidays. We like to have ugly cookie contests and eat them. I love to make cookies with my Fiance and her family (and eat them.) I love to decorate them (and eat them.) I love also to get them as presents. Basically, anything with sugar, and over indulging is pretty much all I do during the holidays. (laughs)

AM: Name 5 people who have made a huge impact on your life and why?

M: I have 3… my Father, Mandy Musgrave, and my Grandfather. My Father because he’s been the only true influence I’ve ever had. My mother wasn’t around. My Fiance, Mandy, taught me how to be a lover, and a lot of things you would typically learn from a mother but I didn’t get the opportunity to learn them from my real mother so I learned it from her. And my Grandfather, probably the wisest man I’ve ever known. He’s got more stories and knowledge that you could ever imagine.

AM: Speaking of your Fiance, is there anything that she’s working on right now?

M: Yes, she’s finishing a musical movie right now! it’s called Girl Trash All Night Long it’s basically High school Musical on steroids. Beautiful girls singing songs. I’m really excited for her.

AM: If you could pick anyone in Hollywood who would you pick to be?

M: I would pick to be nobody else, besides myself. People often ask me, like, who do you wanna be like and I say; you know what, I just want to be the first Matt Cohen. I just want to do it my way. If you ask me who I respect, who I admire, I’ll give you a list of a thousand actors, you know? I mean, I love so many actors, the list can go on and on. Everybody that’s working in this industry, I admire and I think they’re fantastic.

AM: Any guilty Pleasures?

M: Yeah! I like to go fast. Anything that I can do with racing, you know? I like to drive motorcycles and I like to drive fast cars.

AM: You seem to have a lot of interaction with your fans… when it comes to lobbying roles or pulls with creative teams do you feel the fans’ input helps? for example, the fans are really excited about trying to help get you into the Superman role… do you think their Facebook page helps?

M: You know I think it helps to put the energy out there in the universe. I don’t personally do it. If they, if the fans want to do it, then I let it happen. I support them back if they’re supporting me, but as far as me putting up a page saying: Hey everybody, come here and vote for me to do this, you know? I think that’s too much. I’d rather let be to the universe or let it be a little more organic, you know? However it happens, it happens.

AM: In your off time it’s been commented that you like to paint. Any place the fans can see your painting or drawings?

M: You know what, I’m very private with my artwork. I kind of keep it and I hang it, and then I get sick of it and I throw it away. So the only place you’re gonna see it on display is probably in a dumpster somewhere. I love to paint but i don’t force it. When it comes, it comes. I’ll go a year without painting and then all of a sudden I’ll paint some pictures and then I’ll love all of them and I’ll hang them up and then I’ll just throw them all out. I’m just weird like that. I don’t do it to do it or to show it. I do it to vent. Sometimes I wanna be creative and the only way to do it is to paint it or write it, so that’s why I do it.

AM: When you first joined Supernatural, were you aware of how over-zealous the fans are? And what has been your experience with them since?

M: I had no idea of the fan support for the show. I think it’s amazing. I feel honored that I can even be involved with something with a movement as strong as the Supernatural fan base.

AM: Are there roles that you would pass up because of the subject matter?

M: Absolutely not! If there’s a role, that I think is good and I think the project is wonderful, there’s no role I won’t take as far as any aspect of character or gender or race or you know, just anything. I have no rules with my acting career. I’m an open actor, I’m here to act, and my job is to transform into somebody else, so that’s what I’m going to do.

AM: Would you prefer to get a regular gig on TV or to do more movies?

M: Either/Or. Wherever I end up, I end up. I like both worlds. I prefer movies slightly more, because it’s a slightly slower process, you know, the creative side of it, but television is fun. A show like Supernatural would a dream come true, to be series regular on that.

AM: What music do you enjoy listening to, and do you find any of it inspiring when preparing for an acting role? What’s on your iPod right now?

M: Freelance, Whale, Scouting For Girls, Cee-lo. Those are probably the newest downloads. Yeah, you know, it’s whatever it is at the time. Whatever is inspiring me, I try to transfer over to inspire my character, whatever it may be.

AM: What’s at the top of your Holiday wish-list?

M: Health for my family. That’s about all I got on my wish-list this year.

AM: Where are you spending the holidays? family? friends?

M: I like to spend the holidays with both, you know? If I can get both in the same place at the same time, that’s kind of the perfect idea.

AM: Do you have a New Years Resolution? Do you even believe in making resolutions?

M: Honestly I don’t believe in making New Years resolutions. I feel like, if you’re not happy with how things are this day, right now, right here, then change them this day, right now, right here. Don’t wait until New Years. NewYears is an excuse. Make a change today.

AM: Growing up in Florida, are you more of a Summer person or a Winter person?

M: I like cloudless skies and about 75 degrees, so whatever state and whatever place has that temperature and that kind of weather, like California. That’s the weather I like, Summer or Winter.

AM: If you weren’t an actor, what would you be?

M: I couldn’t tell you. I don’t think I can do anything else.

AM: Was it difficult to play the role of the ‘Father’ to actors that were almost the same age as yourself?

M: You know what, it was difficult. It was extremely difficult because I a very high respect for both of those guys, and playing their father, I kind of had to be the one that, you know, slightly more respected. It was weird. It was strange, you know? It’s always strange to play a father the same age as your sons. But, then again, they helped me and we worked together and it worked out. It worked out great for all of us, I think.

Matt we want to thank you and wish you the best of luck in your career from all of us here at Affairs Magazine it was a pleasure interviewing you.

-Michelle Resendiz

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This interview was originally posted on on December 13th, 2010.

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