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This is the beginning of the end. Supernatural season 15 kicked off yesterday with the episode titled Back And To The Future, but before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at where we left off in the final episode of season 14.

When last season ended. Chuck had killed Jack, Sam tried to shoot Chuck, getting shot himself in the process and Chuck had released every soul in Hell, before disappearing. Welcome to the End.

Be advised that this will contain spoilers!

Production Info

Title: Back and To The Future

Director: John Showalter

Writer: Andrew Dabb

Air Date: 10/10-2019

Episode Recap

We start season 15 exactly where season 14 left off. The boys and Cass are fighting the zombies released by Chuck. In a desperate bid to get to some sort of safety, they fight their way towards a crypt where they manage to block the door once they get inside. Cass has brought Jack’s body with them into the crypt.

They discuss what to do, Sam’s theory is that all the souls from Hell jumped into the nearest body when they were released, which explains the walking dead, and Cass reveals that he won’t be able to resurrect Jack.

Clearly they can’t stay in the crypt, as they would starve to death, except for Cass, as he points out, and they can’t fight their way out, as there are too many monsters outside trying to get in.

Sam is looking around when he hears what sounds like water under the crypt, leading them to believe there might be a sewer that they can use to escape. But it turns out to be another monster, which Cass resolutely kills by dropping a block of concrete on its head.

Suddenly Jack wakes up. Only it’s not Jack. Turns out, his vessel has been possessed by the demon Belphegor.

Belphegor is just a self-described “clock puncher” who enjoyed his work in hell, and he wants the souls back there so he can get back to work. So he offers to help them send the souls back. Despite Cass being skeptical, they decide to listen to what Belphegor has to say, and as Dean says, if they don’t like what he says they’ll stab him.

Before they can work on getting the souls back to hell, they need to get out of the crypt, which is also something Belphegor can help them with. He casts a spell, using graveyard dirt and angel blood, which sends the souls out of their vessels and away from the crypt.

Then we cut to two teenage girls hanging out in their room. We’re about to find out what happened to some of the ghosts/souls that Belphegor blasted away. The girls are hanging out, playing dress-up, when Bloody Mary suddenly shows up in the mirror. The first familiar soul is back.

As the boys are leaving the Cemetary in the Impala, they lay a plan for containing the ghosts. Then they come across an abandoned car, with the music still blaring and blood on the windshield, but no body. They realize it looks familiar. It looks like a “woman in white”. Sam realizes that it could be their “woman in white”.

Everything is starting to make sense to them now. They realize that everything they’ve ever killed could be back.

We leave the boys to make their way into Harlan, Kansas, as we see a woman and her daughter running in a house trying to escape something. There’s blood all over the place, along with everything you’d need at a kid’s birthday party. We hear maniacal laughter and finally, when the woman and girl end up in the garage, we see who, or what has been chasing them. The ghost of John Wayne Gacy is back.

The boys have finally made it to the town of Harlan, Kansas, and Sam convinces the sheriff that the town needs to be evacuated. Then he and Cass begin walking around town helping to get people out to the high school.

While making their rounds they come across the girls killed by Bloody Mary, and Sam finds the mother and daughter chased by Gacy alive.

As they are trying to get them evacuated, they end up fighting Bloody Mary, Gacy, and some other ghosts.

Dean stays with Belphegor to begin getting the things they need to contain the ghosts. While they are doing that, the sheriff is killed by The Woman in White, which gives them the last ingredient, a fresh human heart.

Belphegor casts the spell, which gives Sam and Cass and the mother and daughter an opportunity to escape the ghosts. The ghosts are now contained within a huge circle of salt in the town. And the people in the town are safe.

The episode ends with the boys ready to take on all the escaped souls after they realize that Chuck is really gone, and they finally have real free will.

We got work to do.

Sam winchester – Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1

The Good

  • The story was a great continuation of the last episode of season 14. It sets up the premise of season 15 well, although we can’t be sure where it’s all gonna go.
  • LOVED Belphegor. He is hilarious and sarcastic and I love sarcasm. It was great to see Alex Calvert in a different role. And I loved the banter he had with Dean.
  • Loved that they’ve brought back some familiar faces/souls/ghosts.
  • Loved Sam and Cass working together, fighting the ghosts, while Dean stayed back and handled the spell with Belphegor.
  • Loved that most of the episode took place in the daytime.
  • Cass’ deadpan “You shot me” to Sam after Sam accidentally shoots him with rock salt.
  • The last part of the episode, where Dean is being very big brotherly to Sam, cleaning his wound, and then they replicate the last shot of the first episode of season 1.

The Bad

  • I am not a fan of the song they used for the “The Road So Far”-segment in the beginning. For some reason, it failed to really set the mood for me.
  • The make-up on some of the ghosts, especially Bloody Mary, seemed almost amateurish. It was too obvious that it was make-up. I am by no means an expert, but the blood running from her eyes, didn’t look like blood at all. It looked like a semi-dry watercolor. Her scars looked like little rolls of clay they had just stuck to her face. It kind of took me out of the story every time she was on screen. It may have had something to do with the fact that the episode was filmed in daylight, but whatever the cause, to me, the usually amazing makeup team dropped the ball a little here.

Things We Learned In This Episode

  • All the souls of Hell have been let loose. Every door to, and in, Hell is open, including the one on the cage.
  • Wifi sucks in Hell, which is why Belphegor has read about the Winchesters in the paper, ’cause apparently there’s a newspaper in Hell!
  • There were about 3 billion souls in Hell, how many of them are already out?
  • Belphegor thinks people nowadays are very good looking. And Dean is apparently gorgeous. (When the demon’s right, he’s right!)
  • Belphegor is a big fan of Dean’s work in Hell when he was torturing souls for Alistair.
  • Rowena is still around, as Dean calls her in the episode.
  • Dean considers Jack their kid, sort of.
  • There’s some sort of energy in the bullet wound in Sam’s shoulder. When Cass tried to heal it we got a flash of something. The past, the future? Considering the title of the episode, it might very well be the future.

In Conclusion

Some great groundwork was laid with this episode, and I can’t help but wonder how many more familiar faces/souls we’ll see again throughout the season.

I can already tell that Belphegor is gonna be one of my new favorite characters, so while I LOVE Jack, I hope they keep him around for a while.

They dropped a hint that the fight against Michael might not be completely over, so I’m interested to see if they follow through with that.

All in all a great start to the very last season of Supernatural. While I’m sad the show is ending, I’m also excited to see how they will finish the story.

SCORE: 7/10

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