About Me – My Fall Into The BTS Rabbit Hole

Hi! And welcome to my blog documenting my fall into the BTS rabbit hole.

The first thing you might ask, is how is the URL of this website related to BTS? It’s not. It actually used to be an online magazine that I ran for many many years, but I ended up falling into a depression due to stress, and the magazine sort of died. But I still own the domain, and now I actually found something to use it for.

I’m a fairly new ARMY. In fact, I’ve only been an ARMY since the beginning of 2021. That doesn’t mean I’d never heard of BTS before then. In fact, I’ve been aware of BTS and ARMY almost since their debut in 2013. Mostly through social media, however, I’d never heard any of their music, and at the time I wasn’t really interested.

But then in August of 2020, my sister and I decided to start a YouTube reaction channel, and the very first song/MV we reacted to was BTS – DNA.

Now, I still had not fallen into the rabbit hole at this time, but I was certainly intrigued.

We ended up doing several more BTS reactions but also branched out into other genres/bands, and for a while, we actually had so many different requests for other bands/songs, that we ended up not doing any BTS reactions until after I actually started falling!

So while I dipped a toe into the water with our first reactions, the fall didn’t come until I started watching other reactors reacting to the songs we had already reacted to. Then I ended up watching reactions to songs we hadn’t reacted to, and finally, I watched reactions to different compilations, for example, this one:

And that was it. I had fallen, and I’m still falling. So that’s why I’ve decided to document my fall into the rabbit hole via this website.

I hope you’ll enjoy following my journey, and if you aren’t already an ARMY, hopefully, my experiences can help you understand how and why a grown woman would start stanning what is, on the surface, “just a Korean boy band”. In fact, if you decide to dive in with me, you’ll quickly discover the BTS is not at all a typical boy band, they are actual artists, and a force of good and positivity in a world that needs all the forces of good and positivity that it can get.

So welcome! And enjoy the ride!