Matt Cohen: The Jack of all Trades

Matt Cohen at JIB10

Devoted, the best word to describe the Supernatural fan base… When we found out that we were going to interview Matt Cohen it was a plethora of devotion from the first email to the last. The fans love him, but not as much as he loves them. Matt Cohen will be the first one in … Read moreMatt Cohen: The Jack of all Trades

Matt Cohen: As He Really Is …

While Matt Cohen was in Vancouver to appear at the “Creation Salute to Supernatural Convention” I was lucky enough to catch up with him.  After we exchanged a few confusing text messages I headed up to his room shortly after he arrived in BC. As soon as I knocked on the door I heard a … Read moreMatt Cohen: As He Really Is …

True Crime Podcasts for the True Crime Obsessed

These days you can find podcasts for just about everything. True crime podcasts are becoming more and more popular thanks to the amount of people flocking in droves to consume anything true crime-related. Below are some of the most interesting true crime podcasts for just about anyone.

Interview: Amy Gumenick – The All American Girl

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed to be able to sit down with actress Amy Gumenick, and I can not express how much I love this woman! Amy, not only is one of the most beautiful actresses on television, she is the kindest, nicest, most humble and grateful woman I have ever had the opportunity … Read moreInterview: Amy Gumenick – The All American Girl

My 90s Crushes – Brendan Fraser

Recently I read a very moving interview with Brendan Fraser on It made me feel all nostalgic and reminded me of all the celebrity crushes I had as a teenager. So I decided to write a list of all those crushes, describing what made me crush on them, and the result is this series … Read moreMy 90s Crushes – Brendan Fraser

The BDSM Novel You Should Read Instead of Fifty Shades of Grey

If you want to read some HOT and romantic BDSM stories, you should definitely check out the series Brie’s Submission by Red Phoenix. [amazon_link asins=’B01MTFD76H’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’Books’ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’9aaca0b7-1361-11e8-b9b0-6fee751d3b62′] This is a wonderful story that explores many facets of BDSM and manages to do it in a way that makes it believable and fantastical at … Read moreThe BDSM Novel You Should Read Instead of Fifty Shades of Grey